History vs. Cleopatra - Alex Gendler

Published on Feb 2, 2017

View full lesson: ed.ted.com/lessons/history-vs-cleopatra-alex-gendler She was the most notorious woman in ancient history, a queen who enraptured not one but two of Rome’s greatest generals. But was she just a skilled seductress – or a great ruler in her own right? Alex Gendler puts this controversial figure on trial in History vs. Cleopatra. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Brett Underhill.

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Sherry Bisslik
I did a report on her once. She's one of my favorite historic figure.
Nicole Policarpo
Why does Alex have an accent all the sudden?
Tray Murphy
Just for clarification she was ruling After the time of alex was not to say he had stolen africa at that time because he hadn't
Chaasayad Sawapah
She was not an actual Egyptian. She was an edomite. The true Egyptians had been long ran out of Egypt. More lies
Nyan Cat
She betrayed Bayek and Aya.
w ha t i a m A E S T H E T I C
That accent thou
Guilty or Not Guilty? Thumbs up for guilty, thumbs down for not guilty.
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq
They have great library but dont have good history of their queen?
Aniket Pandey
She WAS pretty much a Goddess
Georgia Rose Isabella Ford-Keen
Even in the History vs Augustus video, they leave out Marcus Lepidus. He was apart of the Second Triumvirate, which basically, was an alliance between Augustus, Mark Antony and himself. Though, he didn't play as big as a role as they did, so I guess that's way. He was driven into exile by Augustus.
If Cleopatra was from a Greek family, then why did you guys make her brown?
Neil Valentino
You guys Should play Assassin Creed Origins For this
Sketchy Getchey
Who’s afraid of Cleopatra, Cleopatra, Cleopatra?Who’s afraid of Cleopatra?Trlalalalaalaa
Amphora Morph
I’m not sure which side we’re meant to be on.
Xander PGK
Damn! She had it all!
Tihanyi Dani
sad how the defender guy turned into a SJW by the end with no facts whatsoever
Your video 📹 is the best video I have saw in my inter life it has interesting information I could give it 1000 likes
Froggit _
Cleopatra ain't no THOT, Infact, she's the OPPOSITE of thot
Quanster !
history vs ur mom
Faud Baraud
how could she died on a legend snake story that wasted all she did in her time
Hinko Sever-Koren
Ceaser never ,,lounged” in Egypt.Ptolomey istigated a riot in Alexandria which forced Ceaser to retreat in the royal palace for those months until his messangers finally reached the king od Pergamon who helped Ceaser escape.
Cleopathra Carter
Well then..
Nin9 ZeR0
Layla Vain
,,,,are y’all REALLY gonna pretend Rome wasn’t misogynistic.Like Are you R E A.L L Y??I’ll admit that was sorta a stretch but really y’all
Salty_Sally 3553
Yas girl work it
Mr Wolf
22020120182018?2018??2018?2018201202This took only one second
Joshua Salcedo
peter raafat
I am Egyptian and know Cleopatra from school
Ambitious Jemz Astrology
Augustus Caeser
What are you talking about, I wanted Mark Antony didn’t even do anything to us, so he had to be killed.
Putain mais j'en ai marre de cette vision moralisatrice de l'histoire comme définir ce qu'est un génocide par exemple Laisser cela au vrai historiens et arrêter de regarder l'histoire sous votre point de vue qui n'était pas le même avant car il avait un contexte
The Gaming Mia The Expert
Loved these videos! History is my favorite!!!
Leonardo Rodriguez
In short: she a thot
Kalina The Dragon Masteres
...😨WTF??CLEOPATRA'S RUTES WERE MACEDONIAN/GREEK?!!!I'M FROM MACEDONIA!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨Sorry,I just freaked out,love this channel!!!
August was called Sextilus, cmon
Marvel Fangirl
I vote Cleopatra.
Ilovekpop Got7
Comeon, Mark Antony and Ceaser weren't kids. the affair was as much their fault,if it is,as cleapetra
Sparky Blaze
It said that mark antony committed suicide because he thought Cleopatra committed suicide, then Cleopatra killed herself because mark antony killed himself
Nedra Paul
WHY does no body talk about Mesopotamia history. as an Assyrian i realy get annoyed when my ancestors history get neglected , it's full of interesting storys and rich in its history culture and inventions and also being one of the largest empires in ancient times yet nothing .Not to say i dont like greek or Egyptian history but im full of it.all the Media,movies, documentaries etc talk about these to particular mythologies .
Gorillaman 94
Okay you know what is really true cleopatra was hot 0:14
Gorillaman 94
Okay you know what is really true cleopatra was hot 0:14
馬克手札 MarkCoffeeMap
Fag Master
I'd like to point out that she wasn't the last pharao, Caesarion was. Even though he died like 11 days after her
Cute_Wolf Pls
Thanks...now I can do my homework
Cute_Wolf Pls
Thanks...now I can do my homework
Captain Ghost
History Vs Augusto Pinochet
She actually married her brother, I think💍🙄
Alex Vass
I'm named after that library 😆
Ro sé
Please, do Ferdinand Magellan’s Expeditions..
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