Death From Space — Gamma-Ray Bursts Explained

Published on Jul 31, 2016

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Runtime 00:07:14

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Heyyo Heyyo
Dead is so close
Caden Morgan
The gamma rays are a deadly lazerNot anymore, theirs a blanket!
The Raven
5:13 poor pokemon
Identical [GD]
Why is there always a time machine box in you videos ??
LXP swoone65
I like how calmly he says THEN WE DIE
Jacob R uwu
Thank god for our o-zone layer
george angeski
“What would happen if one hit earth?”Shows glowing ball
5:14 wait a minute,these are Pokémon!
Janice Chandler
when did a star destroyer megagrovve live?
Gim Tabel
Anyone else afraid now?
F3/\TH3R CH33SC/\K3
Niko Lara
5:31 the red diamond... this’s isn’t Steven universe 😂
Gabriel Mackenzie
Fp flame princes from adventure time
Look,make a wish!
The Fan
Did you notice he used Pokemon in the vidio
Arees Valles
Which is why we need to focus on traveling to the future not the past. To know when this beam of death is striking
Stanley Chang
"look! make a wish" " wish I could be..."
Universal Origami
What’s with the Pokemon?
Olivia Qi
Bene Thomas
5:51P o k é m o n
Meow The Cow
5:27 R.I.P adventure time
Uchu chan
avada kadavra
Paul Pierre
The star animation from 2:33-2:41 is cute. Actually i find the video characters cute. Hahaha sorry for the english
leah elliott
leah elliott
Fabric Sterling
Are we not going to talk about the dark mark.
Drake Dragon
Halen Heath
5:17 get your poke-ball ready
5:07 - Oh NO! The TARDIS got cooked!
Amar Pal
What if UY Scuti explode into a supernova????
metashock the cyberman
I like how he used Pokemon
Nogger Fogger logger 11
I think this is what happened to mars....Don't you think?
Jørgen Nytun
Why are you using Pokémon
robert haydn
What if gamma ray burst hits super black hole?? Does black hole eats GRB????
Theodore Madronio
Who saw a tardis from the doctor who series
Faith Sizemore
the sun is a deadly laser
Lighting Shockwave
Universe knocked out Earth with Gama Rays [1000 light years]
Saden Uttie !
Who else looked up ‘pug can do math’ after watching this video
Ethan Troy Delos Santos
5:17 pokemon
Krishna M Shinde
Nice animation
Krishna M Shinde
Are those pokemon
Felix Leodra
So you can make a light saber with gamma?
pokemon_ 23
2:47 I saw that Harry Potter reference
Will Tomasini
Are we all just gonna ignore the kawaii photons
How star wars was createdThe death star is only a copy of the gamma rays
Angel Arroyo
Love the music.
5:14 POKEMONS!!!!
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