How We Could Build a Moon Base TODAY – Space Colonization 1

Published on Sep 16, 2018

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
Imagine if people would stop fighting (wars) and do terrorism and drugs we could build this... :(
Luigi Cotocea
Yeah is expensive but we need the moon is US
Laid_Ba ck_Cock
we have bigger issues that need attention and $$$$ than space exploration
Enrico Rafael Quintero
That sound horrible beacause in the future we’ll be able to go on mercure venus and mars and we will construct on them so HALF OF THE PLANET WILL BE POLLUED
Was that trump lmao
Convert the moon into a deathstar. DUH
我們來做 <<
Emre Dinç
What is the solution to be protected from astroid ?
like the weyland-yutani thing ya did there at 5:20
League of Adana
Year: 2117 North Moon threats USA with nukes ion cannons
What about the problem of living on the moon making humans bones less dense because of the lack of gravity. Or something like that haha, I’m not an expert but I wanna know about the health changes about living on the moon and what it would mean to come back to earth afterwards
Anthony Chang
Worry about the change of lunar orbit due to the change of mass of the moon, if the base is established...
no we cant.
Abdulatif Feda
Government please watch
Canberk Hancan
This is a perfect illustration and I'm dead sure moon colony will declare its independance just like how US, AU and CA after some point :)I am an earth scientist aka planetory scientist and specialised in mining engineering. I will be more than glad to work in any excavation projects. For free! Just put me on the moon, provide me a personal shelter and provide me sufficient food and water. I will work 24/7/365 its super exciting! Just imagine the whole new rock cycle and brand new orebodies and volcanic activities omg the thrill is real.And just imagine lunar people's adaptations with new generations.Much longer spines resulting in very tall people due to lower gravitational pull, more radiation resistant skins and eyes due to hawking cosmic radiation etc. They may even invent a new language! Very exciting topic :)
Jeremy Dirr
These cute Kurzgesagt graphics even made European colonists and conquistadors look very cute, harmless, and endearing. Little smiles on their faces as they plant flags and build plantations. Is there nothing this channel can't cute-ify?
Wouldn't it be awesome to look up in the sky and see lights or even vegetation on the moon?
Stop thinking about moon and let's focus on our own planet. Loads of pollution, environmental threats, extintion in mass, obesity, wars, diseases, famine and starvation, etc, etc, etc....
John Mann
Apollo was not 60 years ago...
Sadad Pannoppha
Will we eventually have a Flat Mooner too?? Because place and time does not confine stupidity .
Gim Tabel
It makes me so sad that I will never be able to experience the world 500 years from now :(
Antonio Garcia Oriola
Part Twoooooo
EWEE 100
4:36 also you can make oxygen to breathe on the moon.
Hasan Hussain
I FUCKING love this channel so much but I feel as though this video was worse than usual. I know it's hypothetical but they forgot some of the issues that affect people living in space. "A phase 2 colony would have to take shelter" but then how would a phase 3 or a phase 4 function? Big structures mean they don't fit in the shelter anymore and they'd be at risk from asteroids and impacts. Would they build some sort of dome? Or make it underground? Also, doesn't living in space screw with your spine and bone structure (asking idk)? It'd be really cool and id be dying to be in an extraterrestrial colony. Anyway just some questions I had
Mike Ruban
Unfortunately I doubt the government would ever fund this. The only way I can see this happen if we do it for patriotism, for the glory of America, or some shit like that.
Lola Fischer
i like how you guys think.
we have already destroyed the earth.we should leave moon alone.
Hey Wassup
Did anyone smile when he said "but we're good at doing hard things" or just me?
Sagar Saini
Where's part 2!
solo dolo
great humans will destroyed the moon one day
baron von Productions
Like Frank Sinatra said fly me to the moon
Do Dodakowski
20-40bn. $?Thats not realistic.You have to put at least two 0's behind it.
What about the military fund? That is a lot of money compared to Germany
Stellar Studio
Yihua Pu
People in this channel and anyone that truest understand this deserve a life amongst the stars
Next what?The moon is flat?
what about the gravity change? can we live long term in low gravity?
Freaky Snuke
anno 2205 intensifies
Wongus Blongus
We will only colonize the moon if oil is found and there was no living things on the moon
After this, give us a 100 years more. We'll become the Gundam Universe
David Pring
Finally I'll be able to eat genuine moon cheese.
RuDa The -G-
3 thumbs up
Fotoseg Analucia
Eu amo os vídeos de vocês são um dos poucos canais que servem pra algo no YouTube
Jaeden Sanabria
good video you should send that video to doodoo trump or nasa
Kalil Blake
this is good we was just doing somthing about this bout a little diffent
8:50 those look cool
Mr.Swetty. Guy
when this happenswe all will be die
Lou H
You love your space elevator
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