The myth of Cupid and Psyche - Brendan Pelsue

Published on Aug 3, 2017

Check out TED-Ed's Patreon page! View full lesson: Psyche was born so beautiful that she was worshipped as a new incarnation of Venus, the goddess of love. But human lovers were too intimidated to approach her, and Apollo recommended her father abandon her on a crag where she would marry “a cruel and savage, serpent-like winged evil.” But Psyche’s story ended up being much more interesting. Brendan Pelsue shares the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Lesson by Brendan Pelsue, directed by TED-Ed.

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Dragonhunter 24
Cupid? You mean Eros right?Oh your using roman names....
Zein Shion
wow. atleast they are loyal to each other
Quiriat-Jarim Vera-Gonzalez
It's EROS!!!!And this is also a Greek mythAnd Persephone
Tala Chiragwandi
I'm here from lore olympius
Tori N.
This was beautiful. A love story that doesn't end in tragedy 😭🙌
Kathrine Jackson
That baby was.......BEAUTIFUL
Dasha Bartolo Esmeño
The story is diffrent from the other i thought the third trial was psyche needs to take a golden flag from a boat but some dolphins help her
Yna Manzano
Me After Ending: What a beautiful love story..Also Me after Ending: no wonder I’m lonely af... WTH MAN GIMME A MANS
iced water
Venus = Greek equivalent of Aphrodite right ?
Rose Mythology
Actually it wasn’t Cupid his name was Eros. Psyche means ‘soul’ and their child is translated to ‘joy’ or ‘pleasure’ and the whole thing is about how the human soul and love together create joy.
Christian Ho
2:52 when you try to run like naruto
Faded Fan
Jacob Schultz
It is pronounced per se phone
Jacob Schultz
It’s Eros not quipid
This is different from Edith Hamilton's Greek Mythology.
no wonder they never like me back!
Ashley Wilson
So um, like... some questions for her dad and Apollo ...
Echelon letÖ
So beautiful
Daksh Badal
Who else read this in Percy Jackson and the Greek gods?
rip Hephaestus
Deirvin Davis
The og Cinderella story
Crystal Smith
Алиса Босконович
what if Psyche never opened the box and brought it to Venus instead?
Алиса Босконович
so Cupid has only ever loved Psyche because he prickled himself with an arrow?
Алиса Босконович
i might not be very smart, but who was the unseen voice, in the end? Was it her soul?
luna moon
Beauty is a curse because anyone who gazes on you will be to intimidated to get neer you
JustSomeEWTrash 001
ErosEros and psychePersephone
Whiskers TheGamerGal
If we’re talking Greek here it’s Aphrodite not Venus that’s her Roman name
kailey bitgue
I thought she would turn to Cupid :T
geez that baby is creepy
DaPuffin Gamer
Cupid or Eros
Lemuel Lloyd Bautista
Why are they called by their roman names?xD
hades and persephone anyone ?
Eleven Eleven
Wait, I googled Psyche and I got confused of the spelling. Is it Psyche or Psykhe?
alessandria lectura
That was incomplete
Master SBGames
Also, Psyche cleaned shrines to the different gods, who then in turn, helped her out with their tasks. From calling in favours or just doing the task them selfs
Master SBGames
This was a greek myth, so it wouldn’t be venus, but Aphrodite
Psyche: “Beauty is a curse.”Yet she tries to steal/keep MORE beauty for herself.
You should look at the myth of the Welsh dragon Vs the white dragon
Shadow Dawns
Must be aware of those arrows
Mixing Greek and Roman names
Sheena Messwith
My god ...
paul mnt
toon van esch
Uses roman names 😒
Tyas N Putri
Again.. This is just a myth..
Jun G Schiffer
I learned of Eros and Psyche from a fanfic. I am very much prefer the fanfic ver, especially when Psyche learn of Eros true self. Instead of leaving Psyche, clearly hurt from her lack of faith, a cursed separated the two lovers, snatching Eros from Psyche the moment Eros wakes up from his sleep.Poor Psyche frantically searched for her husband, and Eros, mad at being separated from his wife, thrashed Aphrodite palace while screaming at the top of his lungs, demanding Aphrodite to give his Psyche back. I just think this is much sweet and touching than the original.
I’ll never seen valentine Cupid’s the same again..
Terminited GD
That ending made me laugh out loud.
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