At least 11 injured in shooting at California bar

Published on Nov 8, 2018

The scene is safe and the threat has been contained, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

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Jason Peng
shooting happens-nobody prays for dead people's families, nobody offers condolences, nobody even says "wow, that's horrible."the FIRST COMMENT is a comment about how gun laws should stay. That selfish, bullshit attitude of idiots trying to push a political agenda to keep their guns is in itself a reason why guns should be banned. these people's opinions should not matter.
Rowland 32505
I'm so sad for the victims shot and injured this has to stop why why does this have to be I don't understand why stop the hate stop the anger stop just stop STOP
Rowland 32505
It's not safe to go out anywhere why why why stop the hatred stop the killing were killing each other for what why stop change hate to love what happened to love one another
Confirmed Democrat shooter with him bitching about thoughts and prayers before killing. It's official and undeniable now; Democrats are the new ISIS.
Geo T
The gun nuts are out in force claiming that "more guns" would have solved this. Stupid people defending insane people is what it comes down to.
shake karim
Stay away from Libya, Afghan and USA it's not safe
White Terrorists are on the rise! This is so sad!
Tr H
I’m happy the guy killed himself so we don’t have to waste tax dollars on another fucked up depressed white boy.
In Vino Veritas
He dont know how to cope with civilian life in a sanctuary city.....
Banning guns isn’t going to stop a criminal from doing illegal things, it only disarms the good people from defending themselves
A for Akaun
Americans been labelling other countries terrorist this and that yet their whole country is a cowboy town
Jack Daniels-Son
How in the hell did they get the information that the 11 people were INJURED. THEY WERE KILLED not INJURED. This shouldn't have even been aired.
Guns are plenty evil. Unless being used for good like in the military or for the police..
mark price
As long as you let antifa run the streets,you will never collect the guns of responsible gun owners
Sam Nguyen
Died by gun is better, in vietnam we have gun law so criminal smuggle it from cambodia or make gun themself. Normally they use knife or machette. Believe me, it is more than horror movie, they chop adults and chop children. We have cases the thief chop the whole house and one baby girl left with 2 hand chopped. It is better to die with a bullet hole than being chopped.
SxG Infinity
I bet the shooter was wearing clothes, we should ban clothes because they make people violent.
Christopher Montemayor
Don't ban guns.Ban white "people."
Francis H.
Gun supporters' logic: The problem is that if these people did carry guns, they could have protected themselves, so gun control should never pass.
AHHAHHAHHAHA veterans and guns, two things americans love, how classic
Sho Jo
The more disconnected we get from physical social interaction because of social media and more people who don't deserve to have a voice having one, there will be more shootings. Too many people think they are politicians nowadays and will resort to violence if your opinion doesn't match theirs.
byc Crypto
This is just MKultra (CIA) doing its thing.
Lesa Lu
why do we have “gun free zones” shouldn’t everywhere be a gun free zone? 🤦🏽‍♀️
What's next furry conventions?
Aura dragon1
Dont mind me...I'm just reading the comments about how fucked up cali is and gun law. And other shit
Rodrigo Ferro
Another Tragic Shooting.... Fake President!
Lords of Ages
Terrorist fuck
This country is a mess and then Trump 😑
Aldo Ramos
* Satan has joined the chat * #WeTheSheeple
Joshua Siefert
Thats crazy. Prayers go to the families of those who were hurt/killed. Hopefully this doesn't become politicized
King Hunt
White people just don’t stop
Ethan Evers
12 dead
Trump: There should have been more armed security. The situation would have been handled better if armed security was there to intervene. This isn’t a gun issue. This is people being put in compromising positions because no one knows how to properly provide protection.
Ramsey Bolton
I'm so happy that Californian libtards are dead...😘🙌😎😜🙏
Ziny Sasun
Guns dont kill people, people kill people - By DMX
It's not safe to go outside anymore. That's why I mainly stay indoors
Amira Saleh
And why are we still debating weather we should have stricter gun laws?
Michelle G
Getting totally immune to the mass shootings in America. The amendment needs to be updated.
My Android
Why doesn't Chicago get this much news coverage
Was this last night?
Randy R
To many xxxxxx maniacs are getting guns an I know that most in DC are getting paid off from the heartless gun lobby. Been fighting against the heartless gun lobby since 81 an will continue
Bubby Cthulhu
I feel so bad for the shooter though.
man i can’t wait to be a Marine
Jose Vaca
Thats 10 minutes from my house
Jesus Christ
“No way to prevent this,” says only nation where this regularly happens.
Mister Nobody
It looks like thoses HIGHLY RESTRICTIVE gun laws in California, with GUN FREE ZONE signs are working well in California (sarcarm). People need to acknowledge that there are evil people in this world, and laws will not stop evil. If laws could stop evil, then there will be no murders, since murder itself is also illegal.
James Zomdot
Well considering 12 people died. At least the shooter didn’t have an ar-15 style rifle. Also, the ar-15 would’ve killed a lot more, but the fact he has combat experience doesn’t really change how much damage he can do with any type of gun. But he would’ve got a lot more kills with an ar-15
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