Marc Forgione's Famous Chicken Under a Brick Recipe - Savvy, Ep. 24

Published on Mar 18, 2015

In this episode, New York chef Marc Forgione is back, this time cooking up the classic recipe his family is known for: chicken under a brick. Subscribe: Check out EATER RULES — Our new series for rules, tips, & tricks behind some of the most sought out food queries: 5 Insane Ways to Open Wine: 7 Sushi Rules You're Probably Breaking: Don't miss our how-to cooking series, Savvy: How to Not Fuck Up a Steak with Marc Forgione: This Schnitzel is the Shit: BONUS: Anthony Bourdain on In-N-Out: 'My Favorite Restaurant in LA': View our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like Eater on Facebook: Follow on Pinterest: Follow Eater on Twitter: Read more: Our Video Crew:

Runtime 00:06:51

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Derek Anwar
What knife is he using
He charges 65 dollars for this........ Wow.
Margelyn Dalusong
Thats stupid dish look yummy
Hey,It's that I've guy from that thing from years ago for doing another
Void Of Me
I did this chicken under a brick thing, but My chicken burned really fast on the outside and still raw inside.
Achie Prophet
I like fresh and fried. It’s not a stupid dish
how u mash that fuking potato is why people htink americans are a joke
Deepak K Gopinath
Just awesome 👏🏻
Sonny Demetro
This look’s great! Look’s up price $62 USD 👀 head’s to kfc..