Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

Published on Dec 4, 2018

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marvel, comics

over lost
Captain America:" I'm fust a kid from Brooklyn"Captain Marvel:"I'm Noble Warrior Hero"??
Robert Tebbe
She looks like firestorm
James Douds
I’ve never been a Captain Marvel fan and this movie reminds me why I’m not. Comic book she is pretty soulless and in the movie it looks like she plays that well.
Alejandro Chavez
What kind of "Im not going to stop the wheel, i am going to break it" is this?
Xx_gamernoob_xX 2
kinda reminds me of human torch
Percival Gebashe
This movie might just suck.
Can anybody pin point the exact moment when this 3rd wave feminism garbage crept into movies? Just curious like.I genuinely miss characters like ripley and Sarah Connor, that’s how you do a female character, not this ‘I don’t need no man’ motive driven crapshoot.
Brandon Matson
Okay so predicting forgettable villian. Boring dialogue. Boring trailer. Boring cinematography. Boring otherworld city shots. Brie Larson should make a good Captain marvel but everything surrounding her is just boring feeling. Even Samual Jackson looks bored. I'd wager it'll be an average/below average marvel movie.of course it could just be a bad trailer.
I think the WonderWoman movie is better than Capt. Marvel
the cat has the best acting ability in this film.
Tyler Martin
If this movie fails you already know its gonna be "sexism" that's blamed
Rivkah Song
Okay, my main question from this trailer is this: Does the kitty have a galaxy on it's collar and will it save the universe? Seriously, tho, I'm stoked for this! Buddy cop movie with Nick Fury and Carol Danvers? Hell to the yes. XD
binig avatar
binig avatar
Safari Duncan
Go read the ccxp exclusive footage a lot of you haters go wish you never doubted this actor The trailer has been edited to make her look non interesting the description of that ccxp footage will tell you otherwise.
how does every single alien race/gods and goddesses/ raccoons/ Asian bug ladies and stickmen and such know fluent english
carsen riley
Why not start with actual mar-vel, he is the one and only captain marvel.
M.L 1234
Maybe if someone other than her would’ve played the role it would’ve been more believable, she looks like some random actor who I can’t take serious. Like if I’ve seen her in the office or something 😅✌🏼. Bad casting, her facial expression(s) or expression since she only has one throughout the whole trailer, is awful.
If Star Lord not being too overwhelmed by emotions....
עדן רהב
I wonder how in the movie how the colors of her suit will change to Red and blue
Onur Pamuk
Marvel of Legends new champ teaser. Full + Full buff; Free elo ..
Since when do MCU characters have to call themselves “hero”? All the marketing is using the word too, “Her” to “a hero”. I can’t help but be reminded of Tywin Lannister’s line “any man who must say I am the king is no king”.
Dathan Hanners
She broke Scott Pilgrims heart.
Apparently charisma is not one of her superpowers but other than that the trailer looks alright.
Cosmic Shark-DX
They always give "a hero" shadow to make "her"
1:45 was that the Acuser guy from guardians of Galaxy?
Jaquavious Fields
Everyone one keeps saying this movie sucks her acting sucks etc but remember when the first guardian movie csme out how everyone was bashing it then the movie came out and bam block buster just wait for the freaking movie before judge it a 2 minute clip not the whole movie
is she the strongest hero in marvel?
Iwen Kam
captain marvel studios
justin Bradley
Cant wait for movie and trailer looks great
Jimmy Tux
Mimi the awesome bunny
Why did she start punching da old lady
Sameer Ali
Captain Marvel Trailer 2 - 26 M viewsAvengers infinty war Big Game TV Spot - 36 M views Avengers End Game Spot - ????? On 4 Feb
Discount super saiyan
Lol some fehminazi fantasy, no thanks
Matthew Roberts
This looks...horrible
Jon K.
Just had to.
tom leach
This film would put a huge plot hole in this mcu , in the first avengers film , fury and the team are arguing and captain America asks why shield is making hydra weapons , and fury points to thor and says its because of him we are outgunned , as though thor was the first alien contact with humans , so if fury had contact with cap marvel and possibly the skrulls why not mention in the first avengers film that Loki's army wasn't the first , seems important to mention before sending everyone against the chitarie (I know I misspelled but don't know how to spell the name of the top of my head)
a woman ? jesus the feminists are taking over
Wahn Cologne
make you superior!! shes already white??
Miles Carpio
Reddington: Where the hell is Elizabeth?Marvel: She’s busy saving the world
Cloe Rivra Boknegra
So you're telling me that captain marvel used to be part of the green lanterns?wow... lol just kidding... btw where's Rogue?
Steve White
Hmm. My only critique is that silly helmet of hers.
Keith Murray
Hmmmm not feeling it! Acting feels and looks corny!
Kekistani Help Desk
Awww this is gonna be bad :(
Ahhh, garbage on a stick, piping hot, right out of the oven. I see that Di$ney is shooting for TWO flops next year, not just Soy Wars Episode 9.
Makayla Reid
If there isn’t a ms.marvel Easter egg what’s the point
Noelle Carmody
To all those who say that she never smiles go to 0.25. And wow you’ll see her smile!
Muizz Alaradi
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